U-Bracket installation:

At first, you need to fix/screw the U-Brackets to the floor, Side walls, or ceiling, and then you will need to add some silicon glue or construction glue inside the bracket and insert the panel inside the U-Bracket.

Quarter round Moulding installation:

Secure one of the quarter mouldings to the ground with glue and screws. Attach your screen panel to the Moulding that is already secured to the ground. Lastly, attach another quarter moulding to the front of your panel making sure everything is tight. This should allow your panel to stand up freely and securely.


Your panels can be hinged together in order to be free-standing or they can have legs in their design.

Hang from ceiling:

You need to drill holes to install the hitching ring with screw eye to ceiling and then hang the room divider panels.

Using Adjustable Legs

After fixing a framed screen panel to the floor and side walls, you can use adjustable legs/foot to secure it to the ceiling.