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Custom outdoor privacy screens

Outdoor privacy screens are a beautiful, elegant way to keep your yard or patio private. They allow for a breeze to move through while obscuring the view between yards. Sometimes they are used to define the space between the driveway and yard or keep the deck or backyard as private as needed.

There are many outdoor screens in the market for sale. But a lot of them come in fixed sizes and very limited patterns. Why not choose a screen that can be designed to match your home’s style and create a space that’s both stylish and functional? Our custom-made outdoor privacy screens are versatile, elegant, and functional and allow you to maintain your privacy, but in a way that looks effortless. We offer more than 100 patterns to choose from; however, you are not limited to these patterns. You can simply send your pattern or ask us to design it for you.

Our premium quality features include weather resistance, easy maintenance, and durability. We have two material options for outdoor screens. One is Aluminum composite which provides rigidity & stability under changing thermal conditions. And the other one is HDPE which is engineered for durability, low maintenance, and safety.

Buy online from our store and feel free to inquire for more information.

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